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Owner, Mac McGuire understands the importance of finding the right builder for your new home. The decision to build a new home is exciting, and the experience should remain that way long after your home is complete. Choosing the right builder is a vital part of the home building process and McGuire, LLC prides itself in understanding that.

Not every home is the same and not every client is either, each new home demands special attention and personal touches that make your home yours. McGuire, LLC strives to give the homeowner the best home building experience possible. The flexibility a small home building company has helps separate McGuire, LLC from larger builders. Each home constructed is thoughtfully crafted to meet your needs and will provide you with the quality you expect and the satisfaction you deserve.

If the dream of building a home is one of yours, please contact McGuire, LLC and let’s see how we can make your dream a reality.

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When you love where you live but envision your home differently, remodeling may be something to consider. Mac McGuire started McGuire, LLC in 2005 strictly building new homes; it didn’t take long to realize that remodeling them was equally as important. Remodeling a home can be a stressful time, especially if you or your family decides to remain in the house during the process. The need to trust your contractor is extremely important. Knowing that your home, and the many cherished belongings it holds are in good hands should be at the forefront of who to hire to oversee your home renovation. Trusting that your contractor is up front with you regarding costs, schedules and quality of work is equally as important. Whether you are looking for ideas about what to do, or deciding if you should remodel at all, please contact McGuire, LLC and schedule a time to walk through your ideas and discuss items you may not have considered.

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When construction defects are identified, the next step is to determine the cost to repair the defects. McGuire, LLC prepares cost-of-repair estimates and opines on the reasonableness of estimates submitted by other parties. We first evaluate the scope of work proposed to repair the defects and determine if the work is necessary. Then, using our experience and standard industry rates for supplies and labor, we calculate the cost to repair the work based on actual cost data provided. We typically provide our clients with a detailed spreadsheet that itemizes the costs and an accompanying report that outlines the methods used and basis for the opinions. Types of cases that require cost-of-repair estimates include construction defects and property and casualty claims.

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